The cycle of a Yogi

Hustle Phase

Hustle phase is where everything goes your way, you are able to be regular to your practice, your downward dog poses are really deep, weight loss and inch loss happens, meditation is deep, etc.

Maintenance Phase

That is when things are not going well. Life is chaotic and you miss yoga practice despite your scheduling, anxiety takes over during shavasana, body pain stops the vinyasa flow every 5 minutes, Others amazing postures puts us down, self esteem takes a hit, so on and so forth

This is a cycle that happens for everyone.

Recognizing that allows you to show up for yoga practice no matter what. You have to lower the bar of “successful” yoga practice to bare minimum levels. Just showing up would be success. Trust that it will yield.
Keep showing up. That level of commitment will get you somewhere.
It may not pay off the same day. or the same week.

But it will pay off over a period of 6 months, 9 months..

Those of you struggling to be regular for practice – Feel free to reach out to us and seek guidance so you can be regular to your yoga practice.

On a bad day – just do a “maintenance” yoga practice. on a good day, you can do a “hustle” practice.

Author: Santhanam, Chakra Project.